Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blackhawk Island Plein Air Painting

I did this black and white study to warm up today. There is a lot of green out there so simplifying was helpful--just worrying about the values.

After lunch I progressed to color. It was a beautiful day on the island (which is actually a peninsula except during floods). We were on Lorine Neidecker"s home turf (American poet, b.1903-d.1970). She lived simply, in a log cabin near the water's edge. Very rustic but easy to see why she liked it.

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  1. Nice work, Jan. I esp like the relfections in the water in th B&W one. Jonathan was kind enough to invite me to the painting event on May 15th but I was in Door Co. all that week trying to paint water. I'm glad you had good weather for painting and wish I could have been there. I'll post a couple of my Door Co paintings later today. Please feel free to call if you ever want any company painting en plein air. I think the B&W studies are really helpful with values esp as you said when everything is so green.


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