Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well, the tree is black and white but Door County is in color this time of year. I was there last week for a personal painting retreat and the colors were subdued compared to many years but still the sugar maples are very colorful. It was very chilly most of the week and sometimes very windy so this painting was done one cold morning from the window of my cabin. I did do some watercolor sketching of Rowley's Bay and painted there with pastel one day when the wind was really fierce. I took some photos of the bay, too so I hope to work up some in studio pastels from those. The most gorgeous view I had of the bay was the 2nd night I was there to watch the sunset and huge grey and purple clouds and a pink and peach and pale golden sunset was reflected in nearly glassy water; all that and floating on the water were at least 40 Mute Swans. It was a priviledge just to be there. I also include a couple of the watercolor sketches. These sketches were done within minutes of each other; one was looking west and the other north; the skies looked totally different depending which direction you looked. It's a beautiful place and preserved for us by the Nature Conservancy and the state of Wisconsin.

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