Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi there from Here

Great to see activity on this site again. I haven't been painting much at all, except LAST WEEK when I returned to spend another week with Marc Hanson in Taylor Falls. In case you are wondering why-- whereas I feel that I can grasp painting ideas intellectually, I know that there is a long ways to go before I can get it to come out of my hand and jump on the canvas. Seriously. Hearing old things repeated and new things from Marc, having the opportunity to observe his demos and specfically, his paint delivery/ application, made this one of the better workshops I have attended. (only a "meh" for camping, though -- too much fooling around for food and shelter.)
Moreover, it was great to have the entire 5 days to take in and digest all that we were being taught.

So here's one of the BW studies and a Nocturne from the workshop.


  1. Very cool! I really like the light in the nocture. Very nice job with that. I'm envious of you having another week of Marc's workshop. I'm sure you got a lot out of it. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the camping so much.

  2. Both paintings are terrific. I've been wanting to do a nocturne but haven't managed it yet. Nice to see yours--love the multiple light sources. I, too, am envious you did another seminar. I hope you invited the new class to participate in the blog. Glad to have some new posts. I'll try to post something soon. C'mon everyone, get back to the brushes and resume posting!!!!

  3. Arghhhh! I never even thought to ask the new class to participate! I have their emails, though, and will send out an invite.

    The nocturne was a gas. At first I wasn't in the mood and didn't want to do it; it had been hot all day, I'd had some wine, and all I wanted to do was go back and go to bed, not wait around until it got dark......and, if I'd known Marc was going to demo, I wouldn't have painted at all. In a contrary mood, i turned away from the charming street scenes and interesting neon lights, and went for the lone wolf streetlight in the alley near the Springs Motel. Ended up being one of those situations where you paint and forget about the time.....

    Camping was both good and bad; I loved having coffee in the am and i had every convenience in a campervan that I had borrowed. What bugged me was having to pack it all up every morning and drive that beast around during the day....I have wondered if I had just simply tented with no intention to cook, I might have like it better. Going to have to try it again.


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