Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grey Bonnets

Whaddya know, but I have a new B&W piece to put on the blog! After doing several pieces for the Great Chattachoochee River Paint Out, there were several things I wanted to work on, so last night I did this piece from a photo. The scene is actually a field with some bluebonnets from somewhere near Llano, TX.
My goals were to work on my edges, and I still need to work a lot more on that. A second goal was to work a bit more with the 'tree framing' composition. And lastly, I wanted to experiment with three different kinds of white and see how I'd like to use them (Griffin Aklyd, Titanium White and Gamblin's Flake White Replacement). Sometimes I like the more transparent whites (Griffin and FWR), and other times I like the opaque (Titanium). Would it be weird if my palette included three different types of white?


  1. Looks like you got the grey values to advance and recede appropriately in this one, Don. Nice job. Nice to see a new post. Sorry about not commenting on your new website -- I enjoyed checking it out.
    Did you enjoy the paint-out? Did you feel pressure to perform?
    I don't think anything's considered weird when it comes to choices of colors for the palette.
    ps: I've been painting in color for the past month and can see I should go back to b/w to get better at values. This gives me the impetus to start working on b/w again. Thanks for helping to keep the blog alive:-)

  2. Thanks for the comments and for checking out my new site.

    I actually had few people come by when I was painting. The Paint Out was spread out and wasn't well publicized to the general public, so I didn't have any pressure at all. I actually have drawn/painted for show before and missed having an audience. Or more specifically, missed having potential sales. It was the first Paint Out, so I suspect it'll be a lot better next year.


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