Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The thing about posting, it gives enough distance to be able to see one's own work with a stranger's eye. I find this quite helpful in judging strengths and weaknesses, and also in noticing proclivities. For instance, I have noticed that I seem to choose scenes where shadows fall across pathways; what I don't know is exactly why I do this. I am getting rather bored with this choice, now that I recognize this, and so next time I go out I will look for something different. The other thing that grabs me is how very much I like the first, simplified BW, I like it much better than any of the others. So the new challenge will be to try to carry what I like in that throughout the remainder of the exercise. (I set up so many panels for this quad-exercise, and am committed to completing that many (4-6 left?) of these exercises before I graduate to "just painting."


  1. Shadows falling across pathways are very entertaining, though. You've just peaked on your learning curve for it and it's time to move on, as you suggest. But now it's part of your painting vocabulary which you can use anytime.

    If you like the first panel the best, maybe there's an abstract expressionist side to you that could be fun to explore! -- Jeanne

  2. I love both of the simplified versions--they seem really fresh and convey plenty of info.
    We are taught to paint the light so it's no wonder you're drawn to the paths with light and shadow--seems perfectly natural.

  3. I agree heartily about posting on a blog to give distance from a work... I use it deliberately for the same thing (when I am painting... ooops! just thinking about compositions this week, not painting).

    Your first one makes me wonder if you would enjoy working primarily with a palette knife, with (maybe) touching up with a brush if you want to soften areas.

    Can I suggest that you also look at the works in a mirror, or flip them over in photoshop, and see what you think of the compositions from that "altered distance" :-)

    Now to peruse the rest of your blog and probably find that my comments were completely off target...

    Happy painting
    from a watercolourist who keeps being seduced back into other mediums...


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