Friday, June 5, 2009

So, this is my first attempt at the 4X format exercise. I did it very quickly and rushed the final color square. The color is off because I kept changing it and the drawing suffered. The chair was dark green but had warm sun on it. My choice was to ignore the local color but keep the values accurate. I finally went back and read Marc's directions for this and next time will pay more attention to color temperature and the whole painting.


  1. Gin... YOU get an AAA+++++!!! This shows a great understanding of what the exercise is all about. First, you simplified and then maintained the integrity of the value masses from step1 right through to step4. Secondly, you beautifully translated the half tone values within each mass in step2, and then held that in steps 3&4 as you translated them into color. Very, very nicely done.
    You understand the color issue from what you've said above and I'm sure will work on that. But truthfully, that is less important, and I think that what you've done here shows this, than getting those value relationships down correctly. I can't wait to see the next one you do.

  2. Gin - what a great example of how to do this exercise. thanks for pointing the way and I will try it this weekend. Well done!


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