Thursday, June 25, 2009

Better Late Than (Almost) Never

I'm still laughing about Jeanne's comment about not being able to wait to post! Usually, I drag my feet, wondering "Do I gotta?" These are from a few weeks ago; I wrote about them but did not post due to camera issues -- mostly, losing my charger. The upper one is from my neighborhood park, a very busy place at 6:30 am with moving light sources and all kinds of chatty people! The lower one I tried to keep it all simple, and felt I understood the value shapes, but failed to have a concept. Haven't painted since, but starting to get itchy for it. If Don can paint on his wedding day, I should be able to step up. Kudos to Marc, too, for painting in this steamy hot weather.

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  1. Janet, these two really prove the value of B & W to color studies. You can start with something that maybe you're not quite sure of and work it out until you have a solid plan.
    I like your second study the best. The concept looks like it's those wonderful shadows on the road. Is it asphalt? If so, you make me realize what a marvelous surface of patterns and colors it can be. The fourth panel is very well realized. I think you have a good painting started here! Jeanne


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