Sunday, June 7, 2009

I went out again today and did the four panel exercise (although I didn't quite divide my panel very well on the last step. I was kind of rushing at the end). Great exercise, and it really hit home the focus on the value composition. Also, a lot of times I punch in a lot of sky holes and over model trees. Doing the value blocks made me realize (as I was over-modelling the tree at first) that it looked much better kept simple. Just a few suggestions of tree holes and such worked just fine. I used canvas panels primed with the pumice/acrylic primer recipe Marc gave us and I
like that surface a lot. I think on my next panels I'm going to put in more pumice and get it a bit more absorbent. I also used the Griffin Alkyd Mixing White, which does dry quicker and help a lot, although it doesn't seem to cover as well. I may keep both whites on my pallete and use Titanium White some at the end.


  1. Don, I just love this. You could have been talking for me about the overmodelling tree thing. Your simpler tree is stunning.

    On another note: I understand that you think the new surface feels good to paint on and that you like it. Do you think it is making a noticeable difference in your paintings?

  2. Thanks so much!

    The panels definitely make a difference (compared with using linen boards with just acrylic primer). I'm getting more interesting marks and broken color with the surface, and it also doesn't get as slick and oily. I think I originally liked the slick and oily early on because I wasn't as confident in my color and was constantly working into it.

  3. Don, when I enlarge this I can see very nice, painterly brush strokes, yet you have maintained the value structure. You have good strong shapes in your tree and keeping it simplified has retained the strength of this impressive tree.


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