Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally, it has warmed up a bit. The sun was in and out so it was hard to isolate values in all the foliage. I tried to keep it loose and not too spotty. The water reflections are crude--how do you make thin lines or spots without globs and smears? (the same problem with sky holes)


  1. Wow Gin,
    That looks great!
    I thought the really thin reflections were done with the edge of a pallet knife--but Marc can probably tell us.
    For sky holes I've taken a rag and wiped a bit of the paint away and then filled it with the sky color. Are sky holes supposed to have a slightly darker value of sky than the open sky?

  2. I remember reading in a book by Albert Handell that the sky holes in the trees would be darker or more intense in color than the open sky. I think last painting looks great, too. I think the shadows under the tree are really well done value and colorwise.

  3. Thanks for your comments. My main frustrations come from my long use of pastels where I worked fast and layered strokes without having to worry about the right brush, the paint thickness, the mixing, etc. It is hard for me to patient and thoughtful with oils, to consider everything about value, color, shape, etc before I even paint a stroke. In the past I've used speed to keep my paintings fresh and dynamic whereas with oils I must be very intentional or I end up with a mess.


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