Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eastern Cottonwood

Jan and I went painting at 7:15 tonight. I've wanted to paint this cottonwood tree for weeks but knew I wouldn't have enough time to do a b&w study and start a color painting before the sun set so I opted to do a b&w study. It's not great but I know what I need to do next time. I'll say it again ... I love doing these studies. In the past I've wasted so much time jumping into color before I really understood what the heck I was painting. I'm sure if I keep this up for the next several months my paintings will drastically improve.


  1. Diane, I agree about the B&W studies. You might enjoy taking a look at the website for Ben Aronson. He does alot of beautiful city scapes but there were also a couple very interesting B&W studies in ink, graphite and gouache as well as the color oil painting of the same or similar study. There were some on the sites for the galleries which show his works. I don't usually like cityscapes so much but the use of values in his are worth studying. Bye!


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