Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Azalea Lane

This was started en plain air at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and finished at a friend's cabin this weekend. I shot the painting outdoors and adjusted my white balance for "direct sunlight". The photo shows me a lot of things I'd like to correct, but I thought it was about time I put my toe in!
By the way, I had a great time at the workshop and really enjoyed meeting with all of you. I hope we can keep this blog going as a critique group! Jeanne


  1. Nice job Jeanne. Well done! Welcome to the blog.

  2. Very nice! I think you did an excellent job on the shadows and the perspective; the depth is very convincing. Looks like a great place to paint.

  3. Hiya, Jeanne! You raised something I forgot all about after the workshop -- white balance. Jan N. showed me how to do this on "our" style camera, but I can't remember anymore. I know just what you mean, however, about how the photo shows things I want to correct -- and there is the beauty of this blog; posting and seeing my own studies with "distance" really helps me to try to focus my learning.

  4. Jeanne, welcome to the blog! I'm so glad you've posted this painting. Love the sunlight streaming through it--gives it a real sense of a moment in time. I agree, we should keep this blog going as a forum for critiques/show and tell/technical questions.
    Janet-our camera (Panasonic DMC-TZ5 or similar models)white balance: set camera on "normal picture" mode instead of "intelligent auto", hit the menu/set button and scroll down to the second page of options where you'll find WB (white balance). Makes sense to me that you can't do the white balance in "intelligent auto" mode where the camera controls everything--you were the one who showed that to me--Thanks!

  5. Thanks everyone for chipping in! The great thing about an online critique group, besides all the good advice and other comments you get, is that it can be so motivating. You paint something and can hardly wait to post it to the group! I know this from participating in poetry forums. It can be a lot of fun, too.


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