Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where have all the BWs gone?

My camera is acting up and therefore, unable to post. BUT I have been painting, and will do so as soon as I get it solved.....I decided that there are several goals to be accomplished by painting and posting to this blog:

1. Everything Marc told us (goes without saying)
2. Exercising my "get out there and just do it" muscle, and never mind the results.

My thoughts keep straying to what am I going to actually do with all these B & Ws once completed? As thought there must be an end use in order to make the exercise worthwhile? The simple fact that I must acquire many skills like brushwork, paint handling, seeing and executing values, composition issues, dealing with the overwhelming challenges of landscape, let alone painting on site. I need to reach a comfort level with all these things, and keeping color out of it at this point seems like a good idea.

So, I'm in this for a long haul-- I need it, and I believe Marc when he says that this is the way to improve my painting. Now, if only I could get my computer and my camera to communicate, I'd be posting proof of this commitment.

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