Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still no working camera, but I hope to solve by tomorrow; meanwhile, a few thoughts:

When we cooked up this challenge, the parameters were supposed to be black and white studies from life, landscape or other, and we were aiming for 7 of them by June 2. What will be the goal for the second week and who wants to set it? It could be the same or different, and people can of course follow them or not, as always, but I like to have a structure or goal or purpose. If nobody wants to speak up, I suppose I would just continue with what I’m doing, as I find I am learning a lot:

1. The hardest thing of all is making myself get out there. Any excuse suffices – wind, rain, no large block of time, no subject strikes me, etc. etc. I suspect getting over this will be the most valuable thing I will gain. When I actually DO get out there, it is a joy and time flies.
2. Greens are a real monster.
3. I tend to be heavy-handed with my values. I can exaggerate them into 3 values, but anything more subtle than that is real struggle and I find I stop looking carefully and just start doing whatever to make things read. Sometimes this is a good thing, but most times not.
4. Learning to simplify is undoubtedly another of the benefits of working in B & W.
5. I still can't make fine lines, no matter what the tool or brush. &^%&^%!!!!

Lastly, are you also experiencing onlookers who want to see what you are doing and are taken aback by the lack of color?


  1. Hi hope to join in as soon as I figure out how.

  2. What do you all think about beginning to do the value study, maybe in a smaller format, and then follow that up with a color study of the same scene?
    It would be interesting to see and hear your reactions to whether or not it is improving your color work.
    If I was the teacher... that's what I'd make you do! ;-)

  3. Geez, I dunno if i feel ready for color yet! But I suppose this way I'd get it from both directions, huh?

  4. Okay... how about one color a week. I don't want you guys to get bored with the value work. The point of it in the end is to teach you more about color through the B&W. :)

  5. I like the idea of doing smaller b/w studies and then the same scene in color.
    And, Janet, I agree with your points 2 thru 4. Well said.

    I don't feel I'm ready for color but I don't want to be afraid of it either. Doing both sounds like a good compromise. I'm also fine with everyone defining their own course.

    I do want to keep going with the studies and the blog. I'm enjoying the interaction. I am returning to work Monday after having 10 days off:-( so my output may suffer. But I'm going to keep hacking away:-) ...Jan N.

  6. I will give Marc's idea of doing a BW and followed by a color version of the same scene and will try to get a couple posted this weekend. I'd love to see what others would do with that also. Keep painting everybody!!


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