Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29, 2009

Diane and I drove around for an hour this evening--looking for the perfect spot to paint. Our world is beautiful but so very green it's almost ridiculous. We settled on Valley Road--which is only a mile from my house. We started painting at 6:15pm and didn't notice the time until the sun started setting at 8:15! Don't know where the time went. The photo of this painting is pretty dark. I'll try again tomorrow--the painting isn't quite that murky. It was great to be outside again. (It has rained every day here.)


  1. I went for a walk tonight instead of painting and I think the evening skylight looked just like your painting! I am all for continuing and hope to have a couple to post this weekend.

  2. Jan this looks great. I for one would like to see the photo that shows it off better as it is. Very sensitive.


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