Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 27

Ok, I can see I have some things to learn about taking photos of these BWs, as this looks nothing like the painting's values, in which the sky was a lot lighter than the road -- really! It was a very gray, overcast day and the value range was compressed, I thought. Also, I am wondering what is the proper size/ resolution in order to post these? As small as possible? Anyways, I am ready to head out to do another one, possible of the same thing as it is bright sunlight now and it might be interesting to see how things are different.

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  1. Once you take the photo, go into your photo editing program, Adobe or whatever, and adjust the levels. There should be a histogram that shows where the black and white points for the photo should be. Set them and see if it looks more like the painting.
    The nice thing about blogs is that you can enlarge pretty high quality images that allow the viewers to really see into the brushwork and all.
    I post mine at 72dpi(pix)resolution @ about 1000 x xxxx . That gives the viewers quite a good look when they click on it to enlarge.

    Hope to see more...


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