Friday, May 29, 2009

Life does get in the way of painting, no? My goal was to do seven black and white paintings (as per Marc) by Tuesday June 2. So far, I only have one done, but hope springs eternal and there are 4 days left.........For me, the rules are that they must be from life and be in oil because that is where I want to make improvement/advances. I state these so-called rules here, in print, so that I may be accountable and embarrassed if I blow off the challenge. HOWEVER, for others the "rules" may be different depending on what they wish to accomplish and I hope the posts just keep coming, whether they are pictures without comment, comment without pictures, or any combination thereof. Just post, and keep the communication going....happy painting!

Today Gin and I are heading out to some as yet unknown location to do a few (hopefully) postable pics. The weather is clear and the spirit is willing.

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  1. Hi guys! Thanks for letting me in on this GREAT idea!!! I'm so proud of you all to have gotten this blog together. I hope that it keeps going past the 7 days. In fact, if you don't mind, I'm going to direct others over here to watch what's going on. I know that they're going to want to be a part of this exercise, many are students from the past workshops. Would you consider at some point opening it up to these other students who might be really interested in painting the B&W's and sharing them. I won't suggest that until you have discussed it and decided what you want to do.
    I'd also like to post some and comment on the subject?
    Again, you all are making me a very happy art teacher. :)


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