Thursday, May 28, 2009

First time out since I returned.
Am still nursing my sore hand, but can do things if I'm careful.
It is hard to paint subtle value changes in shades of gray, without color, so I'm going to make a black strip with holes punched in it like Marc used. It was a beautiful day today in Fargo.
Gin Templeton


  1. Gin--this is terrific! Very happy to see your post. I was feeling lonely. Forgot about Marc's value tool but now that you mention it I'll make one, too.--Jan N.

  2. Gin I hope the hand is doing better now. For a 'crip' you did a bang up job here!!! Lot's of good drawing. The light reads very, very well.

  3. Jan - I hope I was correct and that nothing was broken. That does not mean it isn't gonna take awhile to get better as you really banged it up. Your painting is great esp considering your poor hand!


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